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Prefold Cloth Diapers

Prefold cloth diapers are considered old-fashioned by some, but they still offer a great value in cloth diapering. Prefold cloth diapers are absorbent, easy to clean, durable, and inexpensive. You can find Chinese prefolds, Indian prefolds, hemp prefolds, and bamboo prefolds here. We offer some very popular cloth diaper packages with diaper service quality prefolds and our most popular cloth diaper covers.

All of our prefolds are top quality and made from the best materials. While they do cost a bit more than the kind you'll find at big box stores, the minor increase in price is more than offset by the quality. Big-brand prefolds you'll find at those stores are usually made with fewer layers and some even contain polyester quilt batting instead of cotton! Sadly, these inferior burp cloth diapers turn many people off of cloth diapering before they realize that the problem is not with cloth diapers - it is with the quality of those diapers!