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Potty Training - Bedwetting

Potty training doesn't have to be complicated.  A handful of washable training pants, a good potty seat and a stool are the basics. You can add a potty training doll and books if you wish, but the basics will see you through. Potty training is simplest if you wait until your child is physically able to get to the potty and remove their pants. It is also much easier to potty train if your child is emotionally ready. Don't attempt potty training during times of upheaval such as during a move, around the time of a new baby's arrival, or when there are other disruptions of normal family life.

Good washable training pants can help you both relax as your little one learns. It is hard to take potty learning in stride when you are paying through the nose for throwaway paper training pants! With a washable option, you can relax and let your little one learn at their own pace.

If bedwetting is an issue, larger sized training pants or bedwetting pants can save you a lot of money while your little one matures into a drier bed. They'll keep your child's jammies dry while they learn. A bed pad can keep the sheets dry so you do less laundry too!