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Baby Blanket

A baby blanket (or a few!) makes a wonderful baby shower gift and is one of the most practical items you can buy for any baby. We have a lot of baby blanket choices from unique, handmade baby blankets, flannel blankets, minky baby blanket, to bamboo swaddling blankets. You'll love how adorable these baby blankets are - and how many uses you'll find for them. Although our daughter is well past the baby stage, we still use many of her newborn blankets regularly. From dress-up to riding in the car, these blankets will follow her through at least the first part of elementary school!

You can simply never have enough baby blankets as long as they are big enough to last past the newborn stage. We have used them to cover our bad under a sick child, protect a pillow from preschooler sippy cups, build forts, cover car seats, as nursing blankets, and we still use keep a few in each car for chilly mornings or impromptu kiddo car naps. In a pinch, an oversized baby blanket even makes a great picnic blanket or beach towel!